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Outdoor Banners

Vinyl Banners are perfect for advertising your events & sales! We print custom single sided vinyl banners in full colour and can finish them with sewn edges, eyelets and ropes for you to hang.


What a great way to get your message across or your presence felt.


  • Our Outdoor Banners are Printed CMYK 
  • Quality 510gsm Matt Vinyl banner material
  • Single sided printing only
  • Finishing methods include: Ropes and Eyelets, Sewn Edges and Eyelets
  • Maximum width 2.4m  
  • Lengths over 12m will be supplied in multiple pieces. 


​We only manufacture single sided banners. You will find that it is far more cost effective to buy 2 of our single sided banners (and attach them back to back) than to buy a double-sided banner elsewhere.


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