Modern equipment, automated processes and an experienced team get your job to press quicker than ever!.


CTP - Computer To PLate

Industrial Printing Company invested in a Luscher CTP system 6 years ago.
It has proven very reliable and we have had no need to update the system at this stage.


Our staff are experienced and can handle all of your prepress requirements.
We prefer to use properly prepared PDF's through our Fully automated Workflow.

here to help

We are eager to help if and when you have any questions regarding File Specifications etc. Please contact John Legge for assistance.

file uploads

There are many ways to transfer large files these days. Most of our clients that transfer large files online prefer to use Yousendit or similar FREE File transfer Software. We find these convenient and hassle free for our clients.

You can create a FREE Yousendit account by visiting:
This will alow you to send files up to 50MB for free. There are also other paid subscription plans for larger file transfers. There are many options to suit your requirements and volume of file transfers.

John Legge

john legge - prepress manager

Contact John Legge regarding any Prepress queries.
John is also our Network & IT Systems Manager.

If you'd like to send an email directly to Prepress CLICK HERE