junior print

3 Colour Web Press (3 of 9 Web Presses)



junior print - we have 2 of these.

Roll to Sheet - printed from a roll, cut to a sheet size on the press.
Application: Short - Medium volume NCR books, sets, pads etc.

• 3 colour Junior Print
• Sheeted at 216mm (81/2") x 381mm (15") wide
• 3 offset towers
• 2 numbering towers
• cross and lineal perforations
• tinting
• desensitising carbonless
• 1 turn bar
• Print 3 colours one side or two over one
• Maximum speed: 45,000 impressions per hour
(printed 1 up)

Junior Print

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Contact the Production Manager - Brett Jenkins to discuss any queries you have on this or any of the equipment in our Roll To Sheet Section.