Collators are used to collate or assemble ordered sets of leaves together into a complete set or book.


collators - we have 11 of these in TOTAL.

Sheet Collators are machines that take pretrimmed indivdual stacks of paper in prearranged 'bins' and collate or combine them together in an ordered set or book. We have a range of these units. They play a very imprortant role in our production. We use only well trusted names for these. Duplo, Horizon & Borg are used within our company. Depending on the size of the job, type of stock and sheet size being produced we will choose from any of our 11 Units that may best suit the job.

Collators are also used in conjunction with Booklet Makers, where the collated sets are 'married' together with cover then stitched. The stitched covers and text pages are trimmed in-line to final size and are delivered as a completed book at the end of the process.

Sheet Collator

We also have specialised 2 continuous collators for continuous stationery. Sheet Collators are suction fed, whereas continuous collators are tractor fed.

Continuous Collator

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