Once printed, cheques are MICR encoded. Cheques can be 'sheeted' or left as continuous forms for overprinting.


Bank cheque printing & ENCODing

We do Bank Cheque Printing & Encoding. A printed cheque becomes live once it is MICR encoded. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is a method of verifying the legitimacy or originality of paper documents. MICR encoding is just one of the security measures of modern day printed cheques.

Nale MICR Encoder
• Continuous and sheet form printed Bank Cheques
• 3 Unit with cross perforations and imprinting
• MICR encoding of cheques and numbering

Continuous Cheque

Sheet form bank cheques

Bowe Sheeter
• Converting continuous computer stationery into sheets. Bank Cheques & other items.

Continuous Cheque

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